Our mission

Social learning is a key technique in modern teaching. It helps learners build meaningful connections with each other as they develop knowledge together. However, in the Covid pandemic teachers have struggled to facilitate social learning through conventional video conferencing which all too often leads toward passive and disengaging models of learning.

At Handl we believe that existing technologies offer huge untapped potential for transforming learning. By bringing together knowhow in pedagogy, user-experience design and artificial intelligence, we aim to create a new type of online learning experience which not only surpasses the Zoom classes of the past year, but also the physical learning environments of pre-pandemic times.

Our app is currently in development, but we'd love to hear from you.


The social learning app

Handl is a new type of learning application, designed to help teachers and learners maximise social learning in their online classes.

Browser-based video chat

Handl enables teachers to deliver social learning sessions through multiple concurrent streams of video chat via a browser-based interface.

Social media interactions

Handl helps learners find others with similar learning needs, form study groups, and ask questions to their teachers through using social media interactions.

Ai recommendation engine

Handl supports teachers in organising their sessions and managing student engagement through an Ai recommendation engine, tuned according to social learning analytics.

Simon Katan - founder

I love learning, I love teaching and I’m passionate about developing education to make it more effective, more engaging and fairer. I research and develop innovative educational technologies to address issues of scalability and student engagement via social learning and gamification. I do this through in-the-field studies at scale with my largest project to date engaging over 25,000 learners through the Coursera platform. I have over 20 years experience as teacher across the full range of the educational spectrum and have lectured in Creative Computing at Goldsmiths University of London since 2014.

The idea for Handl emerged from initial attempts to adapt my own teaching to the Covid pandemic, and I am pleased to be working with Goldsmiths as a partner on this new venture.

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